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Helping people in apartments get their feet wet with compact solar panels.

What is Articul?

A compact solar panel for apartment balconies (or windowside) that can help charge devices and small appliances. 



Part 1: The Panels

Adding color and beauty to balconies with the use of transparent and colored solar panels. 


Part 2: The Battery

Electricity generated from the solar panels are stored in compact battery units integrated into the panel mounting. 

Part 3: The Output

but replaced older lower-gravity products.


How do solar panels work?

A deep reddish-copper, moderately strong, malty, complex 

How does transparent solar work?

Trappist ale with rich malty flavors, dark or dried fruit esters, and light alcohol blended together in a malty presentation that still finishes fairly dry.

How do batteries work?

Originated at monasteries in the Middle Ages, and was revived in the mid-

How does Articul’s batteries work?

1800s after the Napoleonic era.

Why are output stations needed?

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How does Articul’s output station work?

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The Inspiration:

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The People:

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