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14 week s
tudent project

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Radiol is a system of brand touchpoints seeking to revitalize the position of RCA through bringing people together.

Concept Ideation - Product Development - Mockups - CMF

The Goal

Revitalize RCA as a leader in bringing people together through technology that engages the senses.


The RCA brand believes in the power of
technology to bring people together.
That is why every RCA product is
designed to be innovative, stylish,
intuitive and approachable.

“Made for Moments”

Founded 1919

Proposed by naval officers H.G. Bullard and S.C. Hooper to Owen D. Young, General Electric’s president

Purchased and transformed American Marconi into the Radio Corporation of America
GE subsidiary now under Technicolor SA

Pioneer of radio broadcasting and color television

HQ in New York, New York (Rockefeller)

Key Points of History

1929: Acquisition of Nipper trademark

1954: Color TV released, sets market standard

1958-72: RCA satellites and camera on the moon

1990: Chipper partners Nipper

The Research

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The Users

The Problem

RCA has lost its position in the market as a pioneer of new developments and reliable acessibility.

Their products are no longer competitive, either in quality, price, or feature offerings
Limited selection of products, but distributed across various product lines. 6 options average for 18 product categories
Weakness in supply chain and services, resulting in time consuming customer service and increasing product quality mishaps
Lack of visibility and presence, both towards younger generations and globally

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Brand Strategy

RCA provides ingenuity in experience to exploratory socializers with a hunger for excitement through consumer electronics that reliably deliver time and time again, as proven throughout our 100 year legacy of innovating consumer media.


Focus on people who are social, they have a stable lifestyle but hunger for excitement and exploration within reasonable bounds.

RCA offers reliability in new experiences and ingenuity in the elementary. A history of innocation people can trust and contiinue to raise expectations for.

RCA competes in consumer electronics for home entertainment, and has maintained relevance through the context of audio visual systems.

Pioneer of new industries, including radio and television, their products have spread even into space. Legacy of being known for dependable products.

Brand Attributes

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Sample of sketches

Refinement 1

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Refinement 2

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Refinement 3

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Final details

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