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14 week s
tudent project

Team: Vincent Li

Orbeats is a dining experience for space tourism that pushes beyond gravity and is inspired by the Earth.

*See the studio project here

Teamwork - Product Design - Food Design - Environment Design - Concept Refinement - Research

The Goal

Envisioning a dining experience that sets the standard for innovation in space.


Orbeats is a (fictional) space tourism company prepared to launch in the near future.

The User

Our design is geared towards the general public, however we have tailored the experience in understanding that the first space tourists will be in a position of wealth and affluence.

We outlined a sample tourism journey, and focused on a traveller’s first meal in space.



Pushing beyond gravity to inspire the future of earth, starting with the experience of food in space

We developed a five-part system to define the dining experience in space. 
The dining area, the food printer, the meal itself, serveware, and eating instruments.
All are inspired by earth and embrace the unique context of space travel.

The 5 part system

Ordering Process



The dining space

Earth: the main attraction


The food printer


The meal


The tray


The eating instrument

After your meal...

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