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Jax Next

Sol Republic
14 week student project
Team: Steven Chen, Drake Dong

*Not affiliated with Sol Republic
Jax Next is a set of short life earbuds that can be assembled and repaired.

Life Cycle Assessment - Sustainable Design -  Product and Package System

The Goal

Designing consumer packaged goods to improve aspects of sustainablility in comparison to a benchmark product.

Sol Republic

Sol Republic is an audio brand producing affordable headphones, earbuds, and accessories. They are desribed as music fanatics, Saviors of Sound, dedicated to enhancing people’s lives through better sound

The User

The Problem

E-waste continues to grow and affect the environment, people’s lives, and the animals we share this earth with. 

Benchmark Analysis

The product: Sol Republic Jax Earbuds

Jax earbuds are a convenient and quality option. They are within the affordable price range for students and provide satisfactory bass and sound quality for everyday use.
Our scope comprised of the primary packaging and the product. However, we did include the teardown of the secondary package as well as explore its materials in the process tree as there were overlaps.

Our initial analysis comprised of:
  • Benchmark product teardown
  • Bill of materials
  • Process tree
  • Impact matrix
  • Okala score calculation

Here’s a glimpse of the work

*Details can be found within the process book located at the end of the page


Key Sketches
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We have redesigned earbuds and packaging, tackling points of excessive waste, negative worker conditions, and the product package’s end of life




End of Life

Comparative Analysis

We conducted a round of analysis for our product Jax Next, calculating an Okala score in order to determine the impact of the proposed redesign.


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