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4 week student project

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Grid is a wearable for medical practitioners to manage their time and their patients. Working long shifts is tiring, so help in managing break time can prevent burnout and oversights.

3D Modelling - Form Development - Interface

The start

On the right is my friend Chelsea.

She had shared that when working her 12 hour shifts, she feels like she loses track of time.

This lead to some ideas about a workplace wearable to manage break times and alleviate the overwork and burnout that medical practitioners may experience.


The Xbox Adaptive Controller design was a  step towards a future of inclusive design. 
Image courtesy of Microsoft

Thinking about adaptations also led to considering those that care for people who are working through injury of adaptation.
Image courtesy of Microsoft


Some quick sketches to explore the concept.
Explored different styles and developed the concept

Development and interface explorations.


The concept is a wearable, with a fabric covered display and body. The screen uses and LED display underneath a layer of fabric to simplify the interface and interaction. The use of square display buttons in line with Microsoft’s style maintains an organized understanding of information.
Rendering of design

The interface displays break notifications (left), a basic time/date/weather home screen (center), and a rundown of patient information (right). This breakup of content allows nurses and other medical practitioners to stay focused and streamline the knowledge they need to have on hand.


The colors are inspired by the clean colors of medical offices and the Microsoft logo to incorporate some more playful options.
The materials are medical safe fabrics, such as Milliken Perimeter™.


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